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Steward Celebration Garden

In summer of 2011, a committee of volunteers began working with the Village of Steward Board to beautify an empty lot on Steward’s Main Street (next to the historic Village Hall).  A fundraising campaign was conducted to transform the lot into a Celebration Garden with park benches, flower gardens, trees, and a brick walkway comprised of personalized bricks honoring loved ones.

Many residents who grew up in Steward and who moved away as adults have fond memories of their idyllic childhood in this quaint, Main Street U.S.A. town.  Many ordered bricks to memorialize their loved ones who have also lived in the area. Some ordered bricks to honor or celebrate an event or group. One past resident that now lives out East and whose last remaining Steward family resident passed away, generously donated a park bench and a tree honoring the family.  Another family also donated a second park bench to honor their grandparents who grew up on a farm outside of Steward, while another donation came from a family with residents still living in Steward and the surrounding area… a large, circular concrete pad where the benches have been installed.  The fundraising campaign was a success as the entire community came together, initially ordering more than 60 bricks, and donating their time, labor, talents, and money towards this project.

The brick walkway was laid in the summer of 2012, and a dedication ceremony was held on Saturday, August 4, 2012, which included a viewing of the memorial brick walkway, tours of the historic Village Hall, musical entertainment, and free refreshments.

Former Dawn Andermann, Village President, said, “We are very grateful for the donations that we have received for this project.  It is a great opportunity for residents, past and present, to come together to honor our Village.  This project helps fill a goal of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan to beautify Steward’s downtown.  By beautifying this lot on our Main Street, we can take pride in yet another part of our town that will be welcoming to visitors, and it will also serve as a place for our residents to meet, or relax and just enjoy themselves.”

The Celebration Garden Committee, consisting of current and past residents, has dreams of being able to use the garden for weddings, old-fashioned ice cream socials or other community get-togethers or parties.  They are also thrilled to just have a place for residents and visitors to sit, relax and remember those who are honored there.

Open houses have been celebrated each year in conjunction with the Village’s Stewardfest event, which is held the first Friday of August. Last year’s event included live music and free hors d’oeuvres in the Village Hall. 

Bricks are ordered annually.  If you would like to be included in the order for 2017, please contact the Village of Steward.  The order deadline for 2017 is June 15. Currently, an 8” x 4” brick costs $50 (includes 3 lines, 16 characters ea.), and an 8” x 8” is $100 (6 lines, 16 characters ea.).  You may personalize it in memory of a loved one who has passed away, or in celebration of a birth, anniversary, wedding, special group or special event.  You may also find more information, including an order/donation form, on Facebook at the “Steward Celebration Garden” page.

Cash donations are always welcome and appreciated to go towards maintenance of this community garden, as well as additional items that are needed.  Donations may be sent to the “Village of Steward,” c/o Celebration Garden, 402 Main Street, P.O. Box 8, Steward, IL 60553.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and the Village invites you to visit their celebration garden.