Bulk Water purchase rates for Steward il.

Minimum purchase is 1000 gallons @ 5 cents per gallon. $100.00 deposit required prior to purchase. Refund of balance of difference to be sent by village of Steward to purcaser.

1001-10,000 gallons @ 4 cents per gallon. Deposit of $400.00 required. Refund of difference of deposit to be returned upon receipt of payment or deposit to be used in place of payment.

10,001-50,000 gallons @ 3 cents per gallon. Deposit to be $1500.00 for purchases between 10,001-49,999. Upon payment balance,deposit will be returned or used toward payment of purchase.

Purchases in access of 50,001 gallaons are available. Specific purchase requirements must be provided to Village of Steward, Il. board of trustees for board approval.

All purchasers must sign village purchase agreement which requires written authorization from the Village President and one member of the village water committee. Deposit from purchaser must accompany signed purchase agreement between purchaser and Village of Steward, Illinois.

Village of Steward’s backflow valve/meter must be used for every bulk water purchase.

Contact information
Village President
Hugh McKiski
Water Billing Manager
Chrissie Smardo
email: villageofstewardil60553@gmail.com
402 Main St. P.O. Box 8
Steward, IL 60553-0008