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The Village of Steward is enforcing property ordinances.

The owners of the properties that the Village has received complaints about, will be receiving a letter from the Village of Steward Attorney concerning this.

~ Village of Steward Board of Trustees





Immediate position available for part-time / full-time cook.
For additional information contact Supt. L. Taylor, 815-396-2413
or send resume by email to Steward School, PO Box 76, Steward, Illinois 60553



Potential Sewer Project Survey
Residents of Steward,

The village has been made aware of some grants that could potentially cover the cost of planning for and installing a sewer system in the village, which would eliminate the need for a private septic system at each residence. We would like to gauge the interest of the residents in pursuing this project.

Here is what we know:
The village would have to pay $5000 to have a planning grant written. If we meet the criteria, this grant could be up to $30,000 which may cover 100% of the planning costs.

Next, a construction grant will be written. If we meet the criteria, this grant could be up to $5 million which may cover 100% of construction costs, including hook up to individual homes.

We have requested the criteria needed to qualify but have not received this information at this time.

If the grants do not cover 100% of the planning and construction costs, the village would apply for low interest and/or forgivable loans to cover the remaining costs.

Once operational, there would be a monthly fee for sewer in addition to individual water bills.






















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